CHS Healthcare operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing superior pre-hospital medical care to the patients we serve. For over 50 years, we’ve worked toward fulfilling our mission and have grown into a leader in the region.

Our Operations Staff works hard to ensure all the “working parts” of our agency run smoothly. From monitoring patient care to overseeing vehicle maintenance, the operations team’s responsibilities are expansive. If you have questions about our day-to-day operations, we welcome you to contact us any time. There is always an on-duty supervisor available to work with you to address your concerns or questions.

We operate a fleet of 10 vehicles (6 ambulances and 4 fly cars) that respond to an average of 17 calls per day throughout Henrietta and surrounding towns. Our crews respond promptly and efficiently 97-98% of the time, coming to your aid. We always have at least 2 fully staffed ambulances available to respond 24/7. From 9am-10pm, we have 3 staffed ambulances given the increased call volume during this time period.

Most times, the responding ambulance crew is dispatched from our headquarters located at 280 Calkins Road. However, we may respond from elsewhere depending on the location of our units at any given time.

Each member, whether paid or volunteer, has received extensive training in pre-hospital medical care. Our training department is one of the best in the area, working to train not only our members but also the community at large, primarily in CPR & AED education.

We work closely with a number of agencies to make your experience with us as smooth as possible including:

  • Monroe County 911 Center (Office of Emergency Communications)
  • Henrietta Fire District
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Department